What to do during a weekend trip to London? – Travel Guide

Tower Bridge, the most famous bridge of the bunch.

There is too much to do in London for “just a weekend”. We decided to do a lot of it walking around and enjoying the old buildings, the Victorian Style and the contrast this creates with the new, more modern buildings.

However, there is more than enough to do for anyone who wants or will visit this amazing city!

Activities to do!

There are plenty of things to do, and it’s all so much easier due to the insanely extensive public transport system that London offers. So extensive that we’ve decided to dedicate a seperate blog post to it, you can find that one here.

Apart from sightseeing activities of some of the most well known places to visit – think of the Big Ben, London Eye, Hyde Park, Parliament, Piccadilly Circus and many others – We’ve got two things we’d definitely recommend.

Walk alongside the Thames, and walk across all bridges (from the Tower bridge till Lambeth Bridge). When crossing the Millennium Bridge, you’ll have a great view of Saint Pauls Cathedral. This is an excellent opportunity to get that “I’m in London baby!” pic for the gram”

There is so much more than the main sights to this city! Think of some activities that you might not do when thinking about visiting a city like London. Here are a few suggestions:

Go to a play

Piccadilly Circus

In the city you can find heaps of places to go and see a show, whether it is a musical or a comedian show, it is an experience in itself, and we definitely recommend you do it.

In the surroundings of Piccadilly Circus, Sharing Cross, Covent Garden and Leicester Square (underground stations), you’ll be surrounded by multiple places to visit a show, most likely of which each is worth seeing.


Sadly, no fancy cars inthis pic (Harrods on the left)

The city has so many stores and shopping opportunities, its just too many to keep track of…. Think of Harrods (Knightsbridge underground station is closest), which is according to me (and I think Joël agrees on that) a must see for sure. If it isn’t worth it for the store itself, it is for the frequent sight of some of the coolest, most expensive cars around.

When talking about shopping, there is of course a wide spread offering of stores and possibilities. Our personal preference is to go to Covent Garden, Soho, Piccadilly and from here walk through Regent Street, and walk straight to Oxford Street, where you got some massive stores, and here you can easily spend all your money (if you would like to).

Food and atmosphere

Borough market was one of the first things that we visited this trip. There’s a vast array of different foods being freshly cooked for you! It’s really nice to be here and to have seen it. You might be tempted to eat something, and we recommend giving in to that desire. We went for some red velvet muffins (this time), but there is so much more delicious food here.

To have truly visited London, or even England in general, a visit to a pub would be a great idea, personal preference is “The Monument” on Fish St Hill. Just to have done it, but also to experience the atmosphere it offers. It’s a bit (GOOD) different from the Netherlands, and you should definitely enjoy your Gin on or Guinness (or two or three) with the locals. Finally, when you are in the pub don’t forget to get yourself some Fish and Chips! A big must for this is checking on Google or Tripadvisor which pubs offer the best fish and chips.

Another personal favourite place to get the sugar overdose is “Choccywoccydoodah“, located on Short’s Garden. They’ve got the best Chocolate cake in town. Especially when your visiting on a cold winter’s day, this Chocolate cake with a nice warm cappuccino on the side, makes the cold after worthwhile, with a stuffed belly after these giant slices of cake, enjoy!

For dinner, our personal favourite is Italian food, by far…. I liked one restaurant in particular, called Pizza Toscana (Tuscany) on Wardour street. This was by far one of the best places (outside of Italy) where I had some great food! And when you are with your partner, it’s a nice and cosy place to have food and enjoy each other’s presence for sure after a day of wandering through the city ;).

And if you follow certain restaurants on Instagram, Facebook or any other means of social media, really look them up in person, it’s not only cool, but you have at least experiences of what you’ve seen popping up on your screen!


For the big sports fans reading, or wondering, there is a wide offering. Not only taking into consideration Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament worldwide, and will be played from July 1st till July 14th this year.

And don’t forget one of the most intriguing and played games globally, football (or what north-americans refer to as soccer). With Arsenal, Chelsea, West Ham, Fulham and Crystal Palace, London has a total of 5 Clubs competing in the Premier League. Then there’s a few other clubs, such as, Millwall, AFC Wimbledon, Charlton Athletic, Brentford and Queens Park Rangers.

Visiting one of their games might be one of the coolest things to visit. However, a game of England at Wembley is also quite an experience to have done.

That completes our top things to to when in London. While this is probably way too much to fit into a weekend, we believe you will be able to choose what you like the most to arrange your perfect itinerary. Enjoy your trip!


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