How to spend 3 days in Seville? – Travel Guide

Joël in the Royal Gardens of Seville

In June I took my sister to Seville, in the far south of Spain as a graduation gift. Without too much of a planning we set off to this warm, beautiful city to seek some well-deserved relaxation after a year of hard work. When we landed and entered the Airport Terminal we were greeted by the recognizable Iberian airport signs and a warm Spanish voice announcing the next flight to Barcelona. Seville should definitely be on your list of to visit cities. We found it to be much calmer than Barcelona and Lisbon, while having a combination of what these cities have to offer. Here’s some things you should consider when you plan on visiting Seville.


Tram tracks in the City Centre.

Getting around Seville is very easy. Getting to Seville from the airport is best done by taxi or bus. The taxi will cost you around €20, depending on the time of day and your final destination, while a bus into the city will cost just €4. Once in the city centre, don’t bother looking for Metro or Bus stops as most of the sights are within walking distance. Seville has one metro line running between the suburbs, with a few stops in the city centre. There’s a Light Rail too, running between 4 stops covering a distance of 1.4km.
For us, buying the €10 three-day unlimited rides card was not worth it, as we never really used public transportation once we got to Seville.

Things to do

Seville is your typical city in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. Most buildings are built in the Mudéjar and Gothic styles. Mudéjar is a blend of Moorish and Arabian architecture, showing the remnants of the Umayyad Caliphate in Spain. I’ll tell you about the top sights to see, but in my experience, the best way to explore Seville is by following wherever your feet take you. You will find the most pretty buildings and parks without planning for it.

Our top pics for places to see are;

Setas de Sevilla

The view from the ‘Setas’

Literally translating to Mushrooms of Seville, this wooden structure is an excellent place to start your visit to Seville. Get down to the basement and take the elevator up to the top of the mushrooms. Take in the views and enjoy a cold drink on the terrace on the top level.

Avoid this place in the middle of the day, it gets very hot up there. Better times to visit are early in the morning or at sunset.

Real Alcázar

One of many smaller gardens in the palace complex.

The Royal gardens of Seville. Your visit to Seville will never be complete without visiting this place. Make sure to book your tickets online as the line for this one can be quite long, and waiting in a hot city with a tight schedule is not something you should be doing. The gardens are a wonderful oasis of beautiful architecture and greenery, you could spend hours wandering around this place without ever getting bored. Your ticket for the gardens includes entrance to the palace, a great place to cool down when you are getting hot.

Plaza de España

This place is out of this world. A massive square with canals, bridges, towers, colourful features and groups of people flamenco dancing in the shade. A short walk from the royal gardens, this square is the next place that needs to be on your to do list for Seville. Walk around the square, the hallways and the bridges. Don’t rent a boat for the canals, the view from the square is just as good.

Where to Stay

We stayed in “Hotel America”, a freshly renovated hotel with modern, elegant rooms. No other facilities like gyms or pools, but for the price we paid (About €70 a night), this 3 star hotel is worth every penny. Check out the hotel here.

If you want to go on a luxury tour we recommend Hotel Alfonso XIII, a beautiful 5-star palace styled hotel right next to the royal gardens. Don’t even consider this if you are on somewhat on a budget though, rooms in this place start around €350 a night.

Cheap Food

From the city centre, head towards Alameda de Hercules. This strip of tapas bars, restaurants and eateries is full of great affordable food. We were in Seville during the World Cup of 2018, so this place was super crowded and busy. Still, we managed to get a full, delicious Italian pasta meal for €5 at Pomodoro, an Italian fast restaurant serving pizzas and pastas. the pasta was great, especially considering the price we paid. We definitely recommend trying it if you are traveling on a budget!

We had a blast in this city, and we hope to return someday. Let us know if you visit, and tell us about your experiences!

Happy Travels!


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