4 Days on the Cote d’ Azur – Travel Guide

Jason and I really started getting into active travel when we booked a trip for the summer of 2017, hitting 4 cities over the course of 12 days. The second city we landed in was Nice, a mediterranean city with amazing beach vibes. We quickly found out that apart from the beaches and amazing nature, Nice itself didn’t really have a lot of sightseeing hotspots. Here’s what we did to make the best of our trip after realizing we had to look outside of Nice for more exploration.


The rather obvious option for us was to take a train to Monaco, which would also mean visiting another “country”. With 49 trains running between these two cities a day, you can basically go to the train station without much of a planning. The trip from the train station in Nice to the city centre of monaco is a 30 minute scenic ride with crazy views. Make sure to sit on the right side of the train to make the best of your €4.10 ticket.

We didn’t really make any plans for Monaco, because the entire country is in walking distance. Take a look at the casino, the royal palace and just stroll around the city admiring all the supercars, parks, beaches and cliffs in the background. While we personally didn’t have the time to do this, consider the hike to “Tete de Chien”, a spectacular viewpoint over the city. The best time to do this would be before sunset, to watch the golden hour rays hit the city.

Eating in monaco is crazy expensive, so make sure you either budget for an expensive dinner, or be prepared to eat McDonalds for dinner. We chose to get lunch at the Carrefour, the French supermarket chain. Their croissants are not as great as they are at the boulangerie, but money was tight.

Castle Hill

View of the Marina

Castle Hill is a Park in Nice with amazing views over both the marina, the beach and the city. The hike up takes about 30 minutes and brings you to a rather large park, with amazing photo opportunities. You can relax here for a picknick, or go for a run.

We decided to walk around and take in views. For reference, the picture on the left was taken from this park, look at the colour of that water! Amazing right?

View of the City

Finally, I can never stress enough how fun walking around an unknown city is. Follow your gut and just go wherever you want. Smell a nice boulangerie? Why not go in? See a pretty beach in the distance? Go there! Do whatever gets your attention. We hope you enjoy the beaches and the weather!

Happy Travels!


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