How to get around in New York City – Travel Guide

Getting around in New York City can seem like a challenge, but it really is not that hard. With options like cabs, subway, buses, trains and ferries you are set to get to whatever place you want to get quite easily, as long as you remember a few important things.

Not al subway trains go to the same place.

Be mindful that some stations have separate entrances for each direction. Make sure you take the right entrance, or you will end up spending $2.75 just for entering the wrong side of the tracks. Also, some trains are express trains that will skip most stations. Check online (google maps is pretty good) to see which exact train you should take to get to your destination.

Don’t take a cab

Okay, sure. You can take a cab. Just be aware that it’ll probably cost you more than any other option, and the cab is probably not the fastest option either, since traffic is pretty bad in New York. Subways are your best bet for getting around, especially in Manhattan.

Be smart with your tickets

Sure, you could go for a pay as you go card. If you are planning on staying for a couple of days or more, we would suggest getting a 7-day unlimited Metrocard. This gives you unlimited rides on the Subway and on Local Buses for $32 days, valid until midnight 7 days from purchase.

Ride a bike

New York City also has a lot of bike sharing stations all over the city. For just $3 you can get a 30 minute ride, to any other bike station in the city. For $12, you get unlimited 30 minute rides in a 24hr period. Our suggestion would be getting a 3-day pass, for $24 dollars.


If you really want to experience New York City, we suggest walking as much as you can, and saving the public transportation for when your legs are tired. Now, as you might remember from our London blog (check it out here) we walked 50 km in the 3 days we spent there. We broke the record in New York City, walking over 70km in 4 days. We’re not telling you that you should, but it’s the best way to experience a city, as you see much more of it compared to when you take the subway.

Anyway, you should be able to get around in NYC now. We will share our guide on things to do next week. Hope to see you there.

Happy Travels!


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