Food in New York City – Travel Guide

So, we went to a freezing New York City a couple of weeks ago, as you could have read in earlier blogpost there’s more than enough to do… at least more than you can fit in 5 days as both me and Joël noticed afterwards…

So when talking foods in New York, most people think about the things as pretzels, hot dogs, and those giant pizza slices, which were great in order to cope with the cold. So, what we did the first morning in New York was going to a location of Carlo’s bakery, where you’ll find many delicious pastries, cakes and other foods, it was pricey but very very good (with a huge cannoli and red velvet slice) breakfast we were ready for our firs cold day in the city.

So the huge pizza slices were a blast, as I personally recall it from many movies and series. These huge pizza slices don’t have to be expensive at all.. We found great pizza slices (for a dollar (or $1.50) but they were great, it was a tiny place on 6th Avenue (832 6th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA).

Of course when you’re in the United States, you need to go out for a typical States breakfast. We happened to do that for 3 days in a row, which was a blast, our personal favorite was Andrew’s Coffee Shop on 7th Avenue. Our breakfast favorite was definitely the strawberry pancakes, which were a very very good start of the morning…

So those are the basics regarding food & snacks (which we also had for dinner sometimes, referring to the pizza)… For dinner places New York has some splendid places to go to, however, we actually didn’t go out for dinner that much as the places we wanted to go were quite pricy. But, when I go back, not as a student but having earned more money, I will most definitely visit these places:

The Ainsworth, of which owner Brian Mazza, is widely known for his lifestyle (as you can see his Instagram).. The fact that I like the Ainsworth has to do with the fact that they are really creative and experimental, with maybe the coolest (others might call it silly) menu item being gold plated chicken wings.

And lastly for all the candy lovers out there! Go checkout the Sugarfina store, which is, according to many woman, the boxes you get candy in are very cute (its a good gift for a partner), and according to me, it’s a delicious sugary treat…

Hope you guys like it when you are in the states! Tag us if you went to any of these places and let us know what your thoughts were!


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