Top day trips from Amsterdam! – Travel Guide

Many of you will think of Amsterdam when visiting The Netherlands. We’re here to tell you that there’s much more to this tiny country than just Amsterdam. In the coming weeks we will publish blogs about various cities in The Netherlands that can easily be visited as a day trip from Amsterdam. (or from anywhere else in The Netherlands.) This blog kind of serves as an introduction to this series.

Here are our top day trips from Amsterdam!


Rotterdam and Amsterdam are polar opposites. Where Amsterdam is where the rich and famous live, Rotterdam is the working class city. Bombed by the Germans in world war II, this city is built on work ethic and has a modern city center, much like you will find in smaller American cities. Go to Rotterdam if you’re into cities with a skyline, the best bars (Lonely Planet crowned “De Witte Aap” “Best bar in the World” in 2009) or if you just want to get out of Amsterdam and see something else.

The Hague

As the city that hosts the Government, The Hague is your city with the classic sights to see if you are into history, culture and old governmental buildings. The Hague is what you get if you make a smoothie of what Rotterdam and Amsterdam are. While the real city center is in the older part of town, a new, modern city center is being developed quickly. A must visit in The Hague is the “Binnenhof”. Check out our instagram if you want to see what that looks like!


Utrecht does canals better than Amsterdam, period.

The last, but definitely not the least one of the four big cities in The Netherlands. You would think this picture here is from Amsterdam, but it actually is Utrecht. Situated in the middle of The Netherlands, all trains from all cities find each other at Utrecht Centraal, the biggest train station in The Netherlands. Go to Utrecht if you want to experience the Dutch culture! Amsterdam and Rotterdam are amazingly multicultural, but Utrecht really is a dutch city. Experience the restaurant and terrace culture and sip on some cold “witbier” in the summer.

Keukenhof Gardens

We dutchies don’t really visit this place, but the Keukenhof is a great way to see where all these tulips you see all over the world are from. The Keukenhof displays about 7 million flowers and is just an amazing place to visit, to escape the city life for a bit.

These are four trips you should definitely consider when you are in Amsterdam. In the coming weeks we will cover some of these destinations with things to do, places to eat and drink, and we might even surprise you with a different city to visit. Stay tuned for that.

Happy travels, and enjoy our beautiful country!


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