Top 3 Viewpoints in Los Angeles – Travel Guide

A visit to a city is not complete without taking it all in from a different perspective. A visit to a place with sweeping views of the city cannot be missed. Since we were in LA for 3 weeks, we’ve been to multiple viewpoints to make a list of our favourites.

Intercontinental Hotel, Downtown LA

At 900 Wilshire Blvd, you will find the tallest building in Los Angeles. It also happens to host a hotel, with a lobby bar on the 70th floor, accessible to anyone. Don’t worry about getting kicked out, as long as you’re dressed somewhat appropriately, you should be fine. You could always order a drink at the bar to make sure you’re welcome.

The pictures below show the lobby bar. A funny extra here, they have urinals where you literally are doing your business in front of the entire city. The picture on the left is what you will be looking at while taking a pee. It’s quite a funny experience, and it would be a waste not to do.

Find the hotel here.

Behind the Hollywood sign (and the hike there)

I think everyone knows the Hollywood Sign. Well, that’s for good reason. Not only is the iconic sign visible from the entire city, the entire city is also visible from the iconic sign. While the view from the sign is already good, the views you get on the hike there can be even better.

I have to admit, we ignored every sign we saw and followed our own path. This took us straight over the hilltops, over steep climbs and right along cliff edges. In return, we got amazing views and we saw no one else on the entire trip. Amazing, right? We’d advise you to do the same, but if you’re an inexperienced hiker please take the regular trail. Our route was pretty dangerous.

Getty Museum

Taking it a little further west, the Getty Center is one of LA’s famous art museums. Worth the trip just for the art alone, getting in the views is a nice bonus. From the top of the museum, take in views of Bel Air, UCLA, Santa Monica and the hills. This place is a little further out of the city, so plan ahead for the journey there. For an easy option we suggest taking an uber. We decided to bike there. In retrospect, it was a bigger challenge than we expected! Nevertheless, we made it and enjoyed the ride.

These are our top pics for getting the best views in Los Angeles. If you disagree, or think we’ve missed anything, be sure to let us know below. We would love to get your 2 cents on LA.

Happy Travels!


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