What to eat in Los Angeles? – Travel Tips

When visiting a new city, trying out local foods and produce is perhaps one of the best ways to get a taste of the local culture. Jason and I both have spent multiple weeks in Los Angeles, and today we’re exploring both our go-to places for an amazing bite.

Grand Central Market ($$)

This place is where you go with friends who don’t have the same food interests as you do. This is your food market that has anything you want. I’m talking freshly made pasta’s, smoothies, German currywurst, Pizza, sushi, Indian curries, fresh fruit and veg, pulled pork, burgers, sticky rice, and literally anything else you can think of. The place is full of locals who go here for lunch, as well as tourists checking the place out. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, so even if you want to escape the sun for a bit, this place is amazing.

My personal favourite was the currywurst, but the smoothies were amazing as well. (317 South Broadway)

In-n-out ($)

Look, we’re not here to tell you to eat junk for the entire period of your stay. However, in-n-out is what you should be eating on your cheat day. As a fast food chain only operating in a select few states, the chain is hyped up all around the world. To our surprise, it lived up to that hype.

Unlike many other fast food chain, In-n-out’s burgers are 100% fresh meat, which greatly improves the taste of your patty. Their milkshakes are amazing, and on top of that, you won’t find burgers and fries for the price they are asking. In-n-out was surprisingly cheap. A great way to have a quick unhealthy bite without breaking the bank!

The Original Farmers Market ($$)

At 6333 West 3rd Street, you will find another market, but with a completely different offering. This place sells fresh meats, oysters, locally produced candy, coffee, and other local produce. It also happens to be right next to “The Grove”, one of LA’s many shopping centers. For more food shopping, look across the road from the farmers market. You’ll find Whole Foods, amazing for getting quality meats, fruits and vegetables for some home (or airBnB) cooking.

Pinks Hotdogs ($)

Pinks is a well known place to get hot dogs. In fact, many celebrities have had a hotdog here. With hot dogs starting at $3.90 you cannot really go wrong here. If you do want to go here, you’ll have to get there early. Because of the fame this place has, it gets crowded. Really crowded. Be in time and enjoy your hotdogs! Oh and by the way, they also sell some good burgers.

Uber Eats ($-$$$$)

We all know Uber Eats, but Uber Eats in LA is next level. Almost every restaurant is participating, so if you don’t feel like leaving your hotel, airbnb or apartment, just order in and receive your meal ready to eat. In some cases, you’ll have your food in less than 15 minutes. It happened for me!

These are some of our favourite places in LA. We decided not to cover dinner options as we ate home cooked dinners most of the time. This saves a huge load of money, allowing us to do other fun things

We hope you enjoy the food scene of Los Angeles. Comment down below if you have any must-visit places for us and the other readers!

Happy travels!


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