Top 4 things to do in Manchester – Travel Guide

Known as the British symbol of industrialisation, Manchester to this day is a city with a lot of old factory buildings and offices. However, in recent years, a lot of modern development has been taking place. Skyscrapers start poking their heads out in between all the old buildings. This makes for a great soup of different styles of architecture, one I personally really liked. Today, we’re discussing our top things to do in this amazing little city.

Northern Quarter

The northern quarter is Manchesters’ arts district. Filled with trendy apartments, bars, wall art and record shops, this place is the ultimate hipster paradise. The northern quarter is perfect for strolling around on a weekend morning, grabbing a coffee at Just Between Friends, right next to the iconic “northern flower” store. Go into some record stores, some arts and crafts stores, just take all the different cultures in. Once the morning comes to an end, go to Mackie Mayor, the food market in the area. Read more about that place in our recent Manchester food blog here!

Manchester Art Gallery

Fancy a culture trip? The Manchester Art Gallery is a museum that caters to a lot of different tastes in art. The museum is rotating a total of about 13,000 works varying from paintings to sculptures, posters and drawings throughout various exhibitions.

Moreover, there’s this room with a chalkboard anyone can draw on, a 3-way pingpong table and many more fun stuff. Go figure out how the pingpong table works yourself! The museum is free anyway, so even going in just for the ping pong table is fine!

John Rylands Library

If you’re into how Hogwarts looks, this library is your place to explore. I’ve got to admit that from the outside it does not look like much, but once you get into the library you’ll feel like you’re walking trough Hogwarts itself.

The library is still in use as a public place to study or work, but most of the library is just a gallery of extremely old books that are only accessible for experts. Still, it’s a cool way to spend 30 minutes and perhaps take some geeky pictures.

The Old Wellington

This is your traditional Manchester pub. I spoke to a local there who said this place had the cheapest drinks in Manchester. I didn’t check at many other places, but sitting down here for a couple of drinks on a warm summers’ day is definitely a great way to spend the afternoon. This pub is also a great photo place, as the building has the classic timber-framed facade. The place really looks great.

Some other things we didn’t get around to doing but would love to go back for are;

  • The Greater Manchester Police Museum
  • Junkyard Golf Club
  • National Football Museum
  • Old Trafford Tour

These were 4 things you definitely should do, and 4 more things we’d still love to try out. If you go to Manchester, be sure to let us know!

Enjoy Manchester!


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