Top UNUSUAL things to do in GENOA – Travel Guide

Last week, I posted a blog about why I believe Genoa should be one of your next travel destinations. If that post convinced you, this is your guide to plan the trip. I’ll show you some must do things and must see locations. I’ve tried to pick out some unusual things to do in Genoa as well, so that we’re not just telling you stuff you’ve already read on multiple other blogs.

View from the Island Barges

Island Barges

The port of Genoa is divided in two parts. The cargo terminals, and the area where recreational vessels dock. The latter area has various piers that are accessible to the public. The piers are fitted with seating areas and bins, and it kind of functions as a city park. It’s perfect to sit down, enjoy the sound of water hitting the boats, read a book and take it all in. Because the pier has no shadow at all, would advise against coming here on the hottest time of day.

View from Castelleto Belvedere (Belvedere Castle)

Belvedere Castle

Picture this: Kids are playing football, an old man reads the morning news and tourists are taking selfies at the best spots. Picture the sound of birds whistling in the distance. It’s about 33°C, and a light breeze makes for perfect conditions. You’re sitting on one of the park’s many benches, taking in the view.

If that sounds like something you’d enjoy, you should go to Belvedere Castle. You can get there on foot, which is a doable trip if you’re in shape. If you’re not feeling like breaking a little sweat, there’s an elevator as well (at Piazza del Portello). The elevator will set you back 90 cents each way, but you can also use your 100 minute public transport pass.

The park offers views of the city, the hills and the sea. In my opinion, that’s a perfect combination for a morning of relaxation.

Fun fact: I missed the Funicular back down to take those pictures, so I decided to walk back down. Halfway trough the hike down I found a basketball court, and some kid left his ball there. Unable to resist the urge to shoot some hoops, I ended up spending an hour playing ball. Guess the message here is to adapt to situations and you’ll find the best experiences.


Genoa is surrounded by many hills. From a traveller’s point of view, a hill or mountain equals excellent vista points. To make life a little easier for the people living on those mountains, Genoa operates funiculars, much like the orange funicular found in Los Angeles. The only difference is that this funicular covers a far greater distance, taking you all the way to the top of the hills. I took a funicular from Genoa’s Principe train station. In 15 minutes, you’ll be in a completely different world. You’ve left the city, to get to a place where you’ll be – quite literally – on top of Genoa.

For more inspiration, check out our previous blog on Genoa!


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