Must-do things in the beautiful city of ROME – Travel Guide

It’s been three years since I last set foot in Rome, and I never got around to writing a blog about it. I figured it was still worth discussing my top things to do.

Before even going to Rome, be prepared to walk into a busy city. In the busy months, Rome is swarmed by tourists, and for good reason. Rome is a city with an extremely rich history, which makes it incredibly picturesque.

Because of the crowds it is wise to book your entry tickets upfront. Continue reading to find out where to go!

2 Absolute Musts

There’s two places in Rome that anyone will visit. I have yet to meet a single person who went to Rome without visiting the colosseum.

The line for getting into this place circles the amphitheatre about three times. Since you don’t want to be queueing for hours in the Roman sun, I suggest you book your tickets up front. The best times to visit the colosseum are bright and early, to beat the crowds and the heat.

We forgot to consider the heat when booking our tickets and ended up in the colosseum at 1PM, in 35°C. Don’t make the same mistake!

Another must in Rome is Vatican City. It’s a different country located in Rome. You won’t know you’ve crossed a border, but it’s another country to add to the “countries I’ve been” list that everyone has. Two things you absolutely have to do in the Vatican are the Vatican Museum (Museo Vaticani) and the Gardens of the Vatican. Again, book tickets upfront because the lines are massive.

Other things you cannot really miss

I’ll go trough these quickly, as there really is a lot to do in this beautiful city. All of these are free to visit!

Pantheon – Look at the crowds!
  • Piazza Navona – Picturesque city square with bars and street artists
  • Trevi Fountain – Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?
  • Pantheon – Temple dating back to 125 A.D.
  • Forum Romanum – Ruins of temples, squares and government buildings.
  • Palatine Hill – Oldest part of the city, where the Roman Empire was founded.
  • Circus Maximus – Ancient Chariot-Horse racing ground.
  • Altar of the Fatherland – Colossal monument built in honour of the first king of Italy.
  • Villa Borghese – Beautiful city park, escape the heat below the trees.
  • Giolitti – The best ice cream in the city!

These are the main sights in Rome. Like always, we recommend roaming the streets and exploring the city without a map. That way you’ll find the best hidden gems!

We would love to hear your favourite spots in Rome.

Happy Travels!


All photos in this blog were provided by Mark Neal. Check out his instagram here:

5 Replies to “Must-do things in the beautiful city of ROME – Travel Guide”

  1. Rome is one of my favorite places ever! The colosseum is truly breathtaking. I ate at a pizza place right near it and it is still to this day the best pizza I’ve ever had!


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