Having the time of your life in BERLIN – Travel Guide

BERLIN. Situated on the Spree river, this German city is the second-most populous city in Europe, which automatically makes it a city that attracts many visitors. This blog will guide you through Berlin, discussing everything from places for having a good beer to our favourite sights in the city. 

Before we dive into all that, let’s discuss how you’re getting into the city. Germany is a country known for Trains. Chances are you will be arriving on one of their many ICE connections. Berlin has quite a few train stations, but the international trains will drop you off at Berlin Hauptbahnhof. This station also connects on their U- and S-Bahn, their tram and metro systems, but more about that later!

If you prefer flying, Berlin has two airports. Flights from outside of Europe and flights on traditional airlines usually fly into Tegel. If you’re flying within Europe, chances are you’ll end up at Schoenefeld. While this airport is a little further from the city, it has an excellent train connection which gets you to the Hauptbahnhof we talked about before in under 30 minutes. 

Now that you’ve made it to the city centre, let’s discuss some things to do! We don’t have to tell you that Berlin has a rich history. Most of the things to do in this city are in some way related to the second world war and the years following it. First of all, you have to check out the Berlin Wall. This wall used to separate the east from the west. Today, it’s a public gallery showcasing all kinds of artwork. Find the gallery on google maps as “East Side Gallery”. 

Politically Charged murals on the East Side Gallery

After you explore the gallery, be sure to stroll around in Friedrichshain. This part of Berlin is filled with coffee bars and murals, definitely worth exploring!

Now that you’ve explored the east of Berlin, it’s time to head south to Tempelhof Airport. Huh? Another airport? Yes. This old airport turned city park is open to everyone. If you have always dreamt of picknicking next to a runway or skateboarding ON the runway you can’t miss Tempelhof!

Heading back into the city, a plethora of things to explore is waiting for you. Checkpoint Charlie, the Berliner DomBrandenburger Tor, the Zoo, you name it. These things will be on any city guide, so we will not talk too much about it. 

Now that we’ve told you to run all around the city, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to cover that much ground in the time you have. Well, remember when we talked about the U- and S-Bahn? They’re both pretty damn good. A day-ticket valid for zones A, B & C will run you between 5.30 and 7.70. Most likely, you’ll only need a pass for zones A & B, which is 60 cents cheaper. It’s in the little things! 🙂

Berlin U-Bahn

A trip to Berlin is not really a trip to Berlin if you don’t drink a beer or two (or three, whatever). Along the river Spree, you’ll find loads of bars and biergartens, all serving great German beers. Just stroll along the river and sit down at whatever place speaks to you! 

Another great place is located on top of the Berlin Zoo. Monkey Bar is a sky bar overlooking the zoo serving great cocktails. Go here for a more relaxed mood and a chat with some friends.

Finally, we will give a quick word of advice on where to stay. We found a 5-star hotel in the city centre for just over €100 a night. If you can spare the money, this one is worth it. Treat yourself! (Westin Grand Hotel Berlin Mitte)

The Westin Grand Hotel Berlin Mitte *****


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